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Hot or Not: Selena Gomez

09.22.2015by: Cherry Liquor

For those of you who weighed in on Julianne Nicholson last week, there was the general feeling that she was hot, although the freckles may or may not have been a key point in deciding that fate. For this week, it might come down to how well you can tolerate a grown woman having a youthful baby face, as we discuss one of the vocal stars of HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2.

Selena Gomez

I get the feeling that by the time we see Selena Gomez in NEIGHBORS 2: SORORITY RISING, as the Zac Efron of the sisterhood (I'm guessing, I suppose it Chloe Moretz could be the Zac Efron, I'm not picky), all of the constant snickering from the haters about her looking like a little girl will cease. Then again, perhaps it shouldn't. While she does have a very young face, in the long run that's going to be at Gomez's benefit, keeping her in roles rather than aging her out of them.

If I were to say anything regarding her overall hotness factor being detrimentally affected, it would obviously be her choice in men. Gomez has harbored an on again/off again thing with one of the most obnoxious exports Canada has ever unleashed on the world, Justin Bieber. It's easy to understand how the two ended up together - they're both children of teenage parents that have profited from their offspring, both are child stars who have grown up in the entertainment industry madness. Still, I can't help but deduct major points from her hottie score just for the association alone.

I think Selena Gomez is a pretty young thing. Sure, she's already 23-years old and edging into the territory where we can no longer refer to her as being all that young but she maintains that youthful glow. She's not afraid to be a little thicker than other stars her age and it's nice to not have to look around and see nothing but toothpick bodied bobbleheads. I can't stand her music/singing but I love that she has a charming, somewhat husky speaking voice. Overall, I like the girl and feel as if she's deserving of the designation of "Hot."

What do you think of Selena Gomez?

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