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Hot or Not: Scout Taylor-Compton

01.24.2017by: Cherry Liquor

While those of you who decided that Ruby Rose was hot were emphatic about her hotness, those who were not as turned on by the Aussie model were even more adamant that she wasn't appealing at all. Talk about a fluidity between opinions. Better get used to Ruby though, considering that she's popping up in three different movies in as many weeks this year. So I thought we could look at someone we don't see as often but perhaps should more, one of the stars of the limited-release feature this week, GET THE GIRL.

Scout Taylor-Compton

There was a point, very early on in Scout's career, when I figured that she would blow up big-time. Getting a decent start on TV shows such as Gilmore Girls and Charmed, there was a bizarre moment in STC's teen life where she went missing from her family's home for a couple of weeks, which might have been the spark that inspired Rob Zombie to cast her in his remake of the HALLOWEEN movies. That dude has a radar for the twisted little souls out in the world and it seemed as if she might have had a touch of it. And while I've taken flak for admitting that I liked the first of his 2 remakes, I still stand by my opinion, including my admiration for her burgeoning dramatic skills (I do think the second remake sucked balls, though).

After getting some traction as Zombie's horror ingenue, Scout then floundered in some truly shitty indies (and that APRIL FOOL'S DAY remake, which I found hilarious after interviewing Samuel Child and learning of the frustration that the directors & their favorite reoccurring actors had with making it, because inside stories are awesome). Popping up as the young Lita Ford in THE RUNAWAYS gave me hope, but it was quickly dashed when the movie did poor box office and lousy critic response. STC has never stopped working, churning away low-budget after low-budget flick, even if none of them are nothing to write home about.

In more recent years you can see that Scout has lost that baby fat from her adolescence and developed one of those great bodies that doesn't look over-aerobicized or surgically altered. Her affection for tattoos has grown at the same rate that most women in her age demographic exhibit, which means she has a lot but not so much that it keeps her from being attractive. I still love that husky voice of hers and seek out her movies because she's a great deviation from the standard, but I don't know if she's hot in that general sense. She's hot to me, even if she's not what most people would find compelling.

What do you think of Scout Taylor-Compton?

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