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Hot or Not: Sarah Wright

09.26.2017by: Cherry Liquor

I'm glad that all of you had your sense about you last week, when we talked about the hotness of Orphan Black phenom, Tatiana Maslany. Of course she's hot, that was a ridiculous question. Perhaps more ridiculous than some of the others you claimed were ridiculous. Nearly as ridiculous as Tom Cruise's love of Scientology or the fact that the older he gets the younger and younger his on-screen wives/girlfriends become. In his latest venture into the suspension of disbelief that he's in his 50's, AMERICAN MADE, he has another young thing tickling his pickle. Let's talk about his latest cradle swag this week.

Sarah Wright

I had to double check that the birthday was correct for Sarah, since she looks so much younger than her 34-years. Still, that's 21 years younger than Cruise, whom we're supposed to plausibly believe she's married to in AMERICAN MADE. (For the record, Barry Seal, the real-life guy Tom Cruise is playing in the film, was only 43 in 1983, the central time in which the movie takes place.) Not to harp on Cruise too much but, well, no matter how little he's aged due to all of his great thetans, he's still too old for Wright, who looks as if she could step onto the set of a high school movie and plausibly play the lead.

I'm honestly trying to make time with this column because other than THE HOUSE BUNNY, I'm unfamiliar with the vast majority of Wright's work. She's been kicking around since she was in her early 20's, when she was featured on the short-lived Fox sitcom, Quintuplets and she did do some time on 7th Heaven, but during the later years when no one but the diehards were still watching. Sarah is married to actor Eric Christian Olsen, best known (for most people) recently from NCIS: Los Angeles but for us others, from DUMB & DUMBERER: WHEN HARRY MET LLOYD. The two have a couple of kids, which Sarah managed to squeeze out between low profile roles, without looking like it affected her youth or figure at all.

There's something about Sarah's big wide smile that I like a lot and she seems as if she's one of the more "normal" women out there in Hollywood, but she also reminds me of Alice Eve, minus the trademark outstanding rack (don't be fooled by some of the shots in the film that show her busty - she was pregnant with her second child during reshoots and had a mommy rack). I'll go with hot on this one but not in such a way that makes me think she deserves to be just another throwaway female for Tom Cruise's lexicon. No, I don't hate Tom Cruise. I just think it's time for him to begin maturing into something other than that Cheshire grinning Scientology pusher.

What do you think of Sarah Wright?

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