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Hot or Not: Sarah Wayne Callies

10.18.2011by: Cherry Liquor

If you haven't jumped on "The Walking Dead" fan train, WTF are you up to? With the show currently trending at #1 on several social networking sites, including GetGlue and the prolific ad campaign they've been bombarding us with, the show has been incapable of overlooking. After eating up the season 2 opener on Sunday night, I figured we could discuss the show's lead female star.

Sarah Wayne Callies

The popular zombie series based on the popular graphic novels has taken over the viewing masses, debuting during a time when people are most looking for something new to stir their sense of fright. It was a smart move for the producers to cast actors who didn't have a vast acting resume, including Callies as Lori Grimes, the wife of the town sheriff who ends up in a coma after a shoot out with a criminal only to discover there are worse things than rednecks on the lam.

Callies only other big role prior to "The Walking Dead" was on the Fox series "Prison Break," but I can't tell you much about how she was on that show since I've never seen it. I can only glance through what I've seen of her on the AMC drama and the events she's had her picture taken at during the promotional work for the show, including the warm welcome the cast received at the 2011 San Diego Comic Con.

Because I don't really like the character of Lori, it's hard to look past that into what Callies might be like outside of it, so I'm a bit more critical of her than I might be if I knew more. She has a little town beauty to her which works within the parameters of the series but there's also something a bit creepy about her eyes. She's got those "crazy bitch" eyes half the time. Like she'll turn on you in a split second. And that's not just from the character. Overall, I'd say she's a beauty. As for a hottie, I'll go with undecided for now.

What are your thoughts on Sarah Wayne Callies?

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