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Hot or Not: Sarah Jessica Parker

12.08.2009by: Cherry Liquor

Oy... is this a chick who has been thrashed recently in the tabloids. Is it perhaps that people are hating on her because she's really the ugly dog that the bloggers keep trying to convince us that she is? Is it the irate fanboys who hate that she has a no-nudity clause? Is it the fact that they're really hating on the character that she played on a show that put them through torture when their girlfriends wanted to watch it? I don't know, but let's talk about it, shall we?

Sarah Jessica Parker

OK, so I'm a girl. And I'm a fairly seasoned little puma who actually remembers being a (very) little kid and seeing Parker as the ugly duckling on "Square Pegs." I also am stupid enough to keep GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN as one of my guilty 80's pleasure movies. (No, not that kind of pleasure, you dirty freaks.) The youngest incarnation of Parker was my homegirl. She was the slightly odd looking chick who might not have had the best face but was blessed with a great personality (and a great body underneath all those baggy best friend character clothes).

But see... then I watched her in L.A. STORY. And as much as I wanted to hate her, I ended up wanting to screw her, much as Steve Martin does in the film. He saw a beauty and a sexiness to her that she hadn't been able to bank on in her earlier career. Hell, one of my favorite sets of lines of all time is when she puts his hand on her breast and he says, "Your breasts feel strange..." and she responds with, "That's because they're real." That was the Parker for the 90's. Quirky, sexy Sarah.

But oh how Carrie Bradshaw has f*cked up a lot of people's perceptions of the chick that people once kinda liked, then kinda lusted and now seem to full-on hate. Sure, she's getting older and the sexiness is definitely being forced at this point. Sure, she's getting old doing the same old crap like DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE MORGANS? (as well as the dreaded S&TC sequel). But is Sarah Jessica Parker really as ugly as everyone keeps harping on about?

Hot... Not... Kinda... Tell me your thoughts on SJP.

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