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Hot or Not: Sarah Bolger

02.24.2015by: Cherry Liquor

According to most of you from last week, Mae Whitman isn't nearly the fat or ugly friend that she's gotten cast as. You too would love to punch her in the boob, so take that, hasbians! This week we're taking a look at one of the stars of THE LAZARUS EFFECT and no, it's not Olivia Wilde, because even I'm not dumb enough to feature her in a Hot or Not.

Sarah Bolger

It makes sense to me that Bolger was cast in "The Tudors" as Mary Tudor because what crazy royal dude wouldn't fall in love with and want to marry a chick who looks just like his sister? (Tudor was Henry the 8th sister, Anne Boleyn, as played by Bolger's near doppelganger, Natalie Dormer, was one of Henry's most famous wives, just in case you haven't watched the show or don't know history.) Some may or may not consider my likening of Bolger to Dormer a compliment but I'll just say that it is.

Where else do I recognize Bolger from? The mostly forgettable movie THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES with that Freddie Highmore kid and the mostly forgettable (but even more terrible) THE MOTH DIARIES. Girl seems to really have a thing for written journals. Heh. More recently Sarah was a part of the cast of "Once Upon a Time" when she was cast in the role of Princess Aurora, although she looked far different from the Disney version of that Sleeping Beauty.

Sarah Bolger is a decent looking young woman made a tad more attractive by the fact that she's a respectable British lady. It's hard to resist someone who carries themselves well, and Sarah is a pro at that. No crass pictures of her wearing skanky clothing, no history of boinking Prince Harry lookalikes. A bit boring, but not bad at all. As for hot? Not too much. Cute, yes. Smoldering with sexuality, nope.

What do you think of Sarah Bolger?

Source: IMDB


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