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Hot or Not: Sandra Oh

07.01.2014by: Cherry Liquor

I had to figure that maybe one or two of you would feel inclined to be aroused by Tilda Swinton but I was also prepared for the unsurprising negative feedback in regard to her hotness. Everyone's got their thing and Tilda's isn't for everyone. I won't torture you this week by asking the dangerous HoN question about TAMMY lead star Melissa McCarthy, but I feel as if it's an appropriate query for one of her co-stars.

Sandra Oh

I have a thing for Canadians. I adore them and their overt niceness, their ability to still be shocked, making them great targets of teasing. I also really like how Canadians come in all varieties, including the sexy Canasians that many people aren't expecting would reside in USA's hat. Oh made a mark for me with her work in Canadian films (WILBY WONDERFUL is a, well, wonderful example) and has continued to do so with her more mainstream roles.

I say that with a bit of a snicker because I have never, ever watched "Grey's Anatomy," the TV program that Oh gained her largest chunk of fame from. I know that the fans of the show were whining earlier this year when she finally departed the cast. It makes me curious as to whether they'd watched her in SIDEWAYS, getting drilled by Thomas Haden Church. His line about her smelling and tasting different has never worked its way out of the crevices of my mind.

I gotta say upfront that I'm uniquely drawn to Asian women. Their looks have less to do with that than the personalities and attitudes that I've encountered over the years. That same factor works when I consider Oh. She's strong, diverse and many times the most irresistible presence on screen no matter what project she's in. I want to know her, I want to hang out with her and yeah, if she was so inclined, I'd totally do her.

What do you think of Sandra Oh?

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