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Hot or Not: Ruby Rose

01.17.2017by: Cherry Liquor

Last week's feature on Rachel Brosnahan was very positive (I'm really going to have to check out House of Cards, aren't I?) and I can see that Evan Rachel Woods comparison, even if I didn't at first. Too bad her strength of beauty couldn't get more butts in seats for her movie last weekend. I would have figured people would have been psyched for a patriotic movie right about now, but alas, I am often wrong. And as much as I love watching dorky ass Vin Diesel play the toughie, I don't know if XXX: RETURN OF XANDER CAGE is going to survive under your scrutiny. Perhaps one of his co-stars will fare better.

Ruby Rose

Honestly, when Ruby Rose's name started getting thrown before she debuted in the cast of Orange is the New Black, I didn't know who the f*ck she was. I'm not cultured enough to scan through fashion magazines, other than when the images from the issues get posted online. So I had no clue that there was this gender fluid lovely ( For those who don't "get" it, gender fluidity essentially means there are humans out there who sometimes feel male and sometimes feel female, despite their birth genitals. Of course, once Rose appeared on OITNB, she presented as very female and - at first - very hot.

I have a number of Aussie friends and I have a great appreciation for Aussie (and Kiwi - The Almighty Johnsons is one of my top 3 all-time favorite shows) accents but after some time listening to her, I actually felt less and less attracted to Ruby. Something about the way she draws out her words and delivers everything with a clever little wink that stops being clever real quick is grating. As someone with tattoos, I also hate to admit that I'm a bit sick of people SO covered at such a young age (granted, Rose is 30, which isn't as young as some who suffer from inkaholism, but young enough) without having had enough life experience to have created a palette of tats that matter rather than just look interesting.

All of that bitching aside, Ruby is a supremely beautiful person. I have to wonder what it would look like to see that skin unmarred, but what's done is done and the cameras soak up the beauty that's clearly there. I don't know if I would want to engage in dinner conversation or spend any length of time in Rose's presence, but I could spend a lifetime looking into those eyes. So yes hot and no hot. Fluid hotness?

What do you think of Ruby Rose?

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