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Hot or Not: Rosemarie DeWitt

05.19.2015by: Cherry Liquor

I myself am a fan of Zoe Kravitz but much like the rest of you who are down with her looks, I too think she needs to ditch the "cow ring" septum piercing. Other than that, Zoe was a winner in her Hot or Not post. This week there are fewer choices being added to the box office and fewer choices for me to select a Hot or Not contender from but I think I got a good one. Let's discuss...

Rosemarie DeWitt

I believe the first time that I started paying attention to Rosemarie DeWitt was when she played the perpetually lovelorn sister of Toni Collette's multi-personality character Tara in "The United States of Tara." I thought she was one of those sloppy, messy types full of spark and sensuality (also threw me back to the time when Laurie Metcalf did the same shtick a bit better on "Roseanne"), so I instantly took to her and she became my preferred character from the show.

After Tara, it seemed as if DeWitt was a popular casting choice in similar roles, including her heartbreaking and tender turn YOUR SISTER'S SISTER. It's one thing to play the hotter sister over Collette, it's another when you prefer a woman over Emily Blunt. But I did. Yes, yes I did. Her acting aside, that was when I really focused on how palpable her sexuality was.

Rosemare has a motherly vibe to her and she's just on the outside of being too sexy, which makes her a perfect candidate to resurrect the role that JoBeth Williams straddled in the original POLTERGEIST, as a mom who was a "mom-type" but definitely too sexy to be the kind of mom-type that you found on your own childhood street. I like DeWitt a bunch, including her offbeat but captivating looks. How about you?

What do you think of Rosemarie DeWitt?

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