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Hot or Not: Rose Leslie

10.20.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Most of you were in agreement with me on Halston Sage, a super hot young lady who is fairly forgettable, insomuch as she's traditionally, unremarkably hot. She could be any hot girl, not the hot girl, essentially. Why do I keep featuring women who are so plainly hot? Well, that's what Hollywood tends to dish out to us, just as they do the movie franchises that predictably most people will go nuts over, even in the 7th, 8th or 9th installments. Most people are probably going to skip the latest Vin Diesel movie, THE LAST WITCH HUNTER because it's a new film and he doesn't have the best track record with selling things that people aren't already saturated in. However, with some help from his redheaded co-star, perhaps he'll have better than Triple X luck.

Rose Leslie

I might have dropped the ball on adding Rose Leslie to my top ten from last week, detailing the hottest redheads of all time. Not only is she a natural redhead, Leslie is pretty darn hot, covered up in furs or not. However, I don't know her from much other than "Game of Thrones" and I think I got lost somewhere in the middle of season three and missed a lot of her good moments (the nudity, from what I've been told).

Rose can look outstanding when she's been photographed for a magazine. The lighting, makeup and Photoshop that they use bring out the pop in her fair complexion in a way that doesn't translate in the harsh bulbs of the paparazzi. Still, she does suffer from that freckled and sometimes blotchy look that gingers get, not quite able to pull off a totally makeup-free, au naturale look the way that a brunette could.

I think Rose Leslie is sexy. It's somewhere on a more sophisticated level than plain hot, which can be a bit harsh in its standards. Rose has a way of carrying herself that is decidedly un-American in the best of ways. The Scots tend to walk strong and tolerate less fancy-schmancy bullshit than even the Brits or the Irish of the acting world. I like her a lot.

What do you think of Rose Leslie?

Source: IMDB


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