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Hot or Not: Rose Byrne

03.24.2009by: Cherry Liquor

Sometimes a woman comes along where I don't expect to be captivated by her. While I'm a brunette lover more than a blonde lover (and just obsessed with red heads in an unhealthy manner), there are some women out there who seem to have been created for the silver screen to play the mom, the good-hearted nurse or doctor, the chick the family turns to when the golden child sibling kills themselves. And sometimes, just sometimes, when you take a long enough look at that average chick, you find her to be something closer to intoxicating. That's why my selection this week is:

Rose Byrne

The first time that I got utterly and completely wrapped up in Byrne was watching her as the tormented morgue assistant who believes that the dead body appearing on her slab is her long lost sister in THE DEAD GIRL. The movie is wildly overlooked and well worth your time if you like ensemble pieces with great actors, something that Byrne proved she was to me with her understated performance that screamed volumes with her silence.

I'm probably one of the 20 people who went to see that Danny Boyle movie which didn't deal with some downtrodden youth(s) stumbling upon great wealth, the mind-bending SUNSHINE. Byrne once again turns on the sympathy charm but without all the schmaltz that lesser actresses bring to roles like that. She continued the strong yet sensitive vibe in 28 WEEKS LATER, looking like the only beacon of sanity in the chaos. A hard role to pull off.

Now she's rocking the small screen on the cable show, "Damages," holding her own against legend Glenn Close. She's also the steady female character again in the recent release, KNOWING and when you think about it, if an actress can get through acting aside Nic Cage without laughing at his hairpiece, that's good for extra points. While overall, I love her acting, I will gripe that I think she's too skinny and then go on to praise what a perfectly peaceful face that she has.

I vote yea. But my opinion is just one. Yours are more important as a whole. Rose Byrne... hot or not?

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