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Hot or Not: Riley Keough

08.28.2012by: Cherry Liquor

When a movie has a big star (Orlando Bloom is still considered to be an A-lister, right?), you don't expect to see an On Demand release of their latest movie (in this case, THE GOOD DOCTOR) to be available on your television the same time it gets released in theaters. I've heard that that's the cool thing to do with these indie flicks, so as to not limit the audience who wants to see the films without needing to drive to a neighboring state to do so. I also don't know if anyone expects Hollywood offspring to end up being as hot as their parents. But let's see.

Riley Keough

One look at Riley Keough without a shitton of black eyeliner smudged around her eyes as if she had a slumber party with Avril Lavigne and Taylor Momsen, and you wouldn't jump to the conclusion that she's the eldest granddaughter of Elvis Presley. The 23-year old actress is the first born of Lisa Marie Presley's kids with her first husband (and we all know that LM looks more like her dad than her mom) but I look at Riley and see Priscilla Presley. Well, the PP before the botched plastic surgery.

Originally a teenage runway and print model, in 2010, Riley was cast as Marie Curie, the older sister to Cherie Curie, as played by Dakota Fanning in THE RUNAWAYS. If I hadn't looked it up, I wouldn't have known it was Elvis' granddaughter. With what limited time she had on screen (and give the movie a chance, set aside any distaste you have for Kristen Stewart... it's worth the time, even if only for Michael Shannon), Keough does a more than decent job for her first movie role.

The best thing for a child or grandchild of a famous actor/actress/musician to do, if they're dedicated to being taken seriously is to stack up the indie roles. Look at Colin Hanks and how damn good he is when given interesting material, sadly enough the majority of which comes from independent sources and not main studios). I think Riley is on the perfect track. Between THE GOOD DOCTOR, JACK & DIANE and MAGIC MIKE, she's made enough of a mark to be cast in the highly anticipated reboot, MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, scheduled for release in 2013. I think she's a babe but more importantly, I think she's got the stuff to make good things happen for her, famous lineage or not.

What do you think of Riley Keough?

Source: IMDB


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