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Hot or Not: Renee Olstead

04.14.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Last week you were a bunhc of Britt Robertson fans, even if there was also the understanding that she looks a bit too young for her age. This week, the faux teenagers of movie horror are hitting the big screen in UNFRIENDED, which features one of the former child stars of the Family Channel. Time for a reunion to assess her hot or notness.

Renee Olstead

You might have watched Olstead when she was on "Still Standing," that CBS comedy that ran for four years but I still had to look up in order to remember what it was about. Or perhaps it's from her 5 year stint on "The Secret Life of an American Teenager." Whichever it was, you might not remember that Renee took a beating from the gossip press for being supposedly "fat," although the growth spurt she experienced in her chest seemed to have affected her silhouette rather than actual weight gain. Puberty is a bitch like that.

Sometime after leaving the Family Channel soap, there were those leaked iPhone images long before The Fappening, where Olstead garnered some warranted attention. I know I'm supposed to show outrage at her privacy being violated but personally, I just think she looked damn hot. During that time we began to see Renee experiment with different styles, including her hair color obsession, which fluctuates back and forth between her natural red hair and a bombshell blonde.

Renee Olstead is supernova hot to me. What I fail to understand is how she's flown under the radar of the A-list for so long. She's built, she's beautiful and she's also a good actress and a talented singer. Fame can be fickle in the stupidest of ways.

What do you think of Renee Olstead?

Source: IMDB


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