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Hot or Not: Regina Hall

02.11.2014by: Cherry Liquor

While all of the purists keep up their bitching regarding the PG-13 reboot of ROBOCOP, how about we look at one of the other remakes getting thrown out into the theatrical market this week (seriously, were the studios in cahoots to get 3 separate 1980's movies distributed on Valentine's weekend? WTF...) and decide the hottie or nottie fate of one of its stars.

Regina Hall

The original version of ABOUT LAST NIGHT... was a sobering comedy meant to take a realistic spin on what it was like for singles during the mid-'80's, when people were first learning about AIDS but still holding onto the one night stand found around the corner at the local bar. People were getting married older, blah blah blah. With the 28 years that have passed since it was a quatro of Rob Lowe, Demi Moore, Jim Belushi and Elizabeth Perkins, it's finally time to see all of those roles recast for the more "urban" demo. Enter the super hot Michael Ealy and his nearly as hot female counterpart Joy Bryant. But also upgrade the peripheral characters in the funnier Kevin Hart and the decidedly more sexy Regina Hall.

Call me a kook but it was always Hall who interested me more during every single one of those stupid SCARY MOVIE installments, perhaps due to the fact that she never lost a certain degree of respectability when being a complete nutball as the sistah-friend to Anna Faris. I always looked past Anna and her wide-eyed, semi-retarded line delivery to check out Hall as she shrieked, laughed and out-funnied the Wayans brothers.

It might have taken the ridiculous MALIBU'S MOST WANTED to get the industry to see Regina Hall as a sex symbol and even then, she upped it with her entry into Allure's 2008 Nude Issue. I happen to find funny people infinitely more sexy than those who can only approach material with straight, perfect, cookie-cutter faces. I vote HAWT as F*CK.

What do you think of Regina Hall?

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