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Hot or Not: Rebecca Hall

04.30.2013by: Cherry Liquor

First let me start counting the ways why I'm looking forward to IRON MAN 3 even though it's not being directed by Favs. Number one: It's being directed by Shane Black. The man wrote the script for MONSTER SQUAD, one of those movies from my childhood that failed at the box office when it was released and then turned into cult-status gold years later. (Ryan Lambert was the "Kids INC" star who was supposed to bring in the teen fans, now he's in a band with the brother of a friend of mine. Go figure.) I forgive Black for being from Pittsburgh because at least it's in PA even if it's not Philly, and I applaud him for stepping out of the spotlight when Hollywood began to proclaim a near "ownership" of his action-movie script writing skills. Number two: Come on, people. He made KISS KISS BANG BANG, one of the most amazing movies ever and probably the only reason why RDJ returned as Tony Stark this time around. Number three; Guy Pearce PWNS. And number four is up for debate this week.

Rebecca Hall

I gotta admit, it's easy to overlook Rebecca Hall if you're not paying close enough attention. You watch a movie like STARTER FOR 10 for Alice Eve or James McAvoy. You forget that she's Vicky in VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA while Penelope and Scarlett are making out. Until THE TOWN, when Ben Affleck made her a vulnerable but tough, suspicious but trusting abductee and later lover, Hall was hard to make a point out of.

After watching THE TOWN, I went back and watched those other movies she was in, even though I'd watched them already. It was like getting slapped in the face. Hall has been skirting the edges of being truly outstanding for far too long. One great performance makes you go back and realize that they've all outshined everyone else. You just didn't know what you were looking for at the time. A brunette with brown eyes, a standard figure and an ethnic look that can suggest she's from just about anywhere based on what accent she adopts makes her the molding clay to be one of the best actresses ever brought into the fray.

Ah, but the crux. I have favorite actresses whom I love to watch, I drink in their performances and I yearn for more and more and more of them... but do not find them sexually stimulating in the "hot" sort of way. Rebecca Hall is one of those. I will go see movies with her in them from here to eternity now. She captivates me. I think she's amazing. I just don't think she's... hot. Talented, amazing, so many things. But the superficial label of "hot?" Almost seems like a slap in her face.

What do you think of Rebecca Hall?

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