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Hot or Not: Rebecca Ferguson

07.28.2015by: Cherry Liquor

PAPER TOWNS is not going to be the next THE FAULT IN OUR STARS. Despite having a rabid fan base to draw from, it seems as if audiences were turned off by the latest John Green book-to-movie offering, about as much as you all were when the movie's star, Cara Delevingne was featured in this column. I'm guessing that MI: ROGUE NATION is going to have a similarly tepid response, unlike its last predecessor, GHOST PROTOCOL. But is its female star going to fare any better?

Rebecca Ferguson

I really haven't seen Rebecca Ferguson in much. Then again, she really hasn't been in that many projects. It makes her ripe pickings for the aging Tom Cruise (sorry, Tommyboy, but I have zero desire to see you shirtless any longer and when I do check out the MI movies of late, it's for Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg, not you), who tends to succeed with lesser known actresses. It probably helped Becky that she looks like a blonder, lighter version of Katie Holmes, Cruise's former hostage wife.

I'll tell you what I have seen Ferguson in - THE WHITE QUEEN. The 2013 miniseries offering featured the Swedish babe unclothed a few times and while she doesn't have the kind of knock-you-out body that some hotties bank on, it's still a mighty fantastic one. That's not even touching on the fact that she's a badass bitch in the role of Queen Elizabeth, relentless in her quest for power and glory.

Honestly, I can't give a fully formed opinion on Rebecca just yet. She looks solid in the trailers for ROGUE NATION and nowhere near the 32 years that she purportedly is. (Most Europeans don't seem to alter their ages for acting work, but I initially pegged Ferguson at around 25 years, max.) She's definitely sexy and from what little I know her from, she can act. Still, there's a plainness to her that's hard to shake. If she sticks around, she'll have to do some heavy leg work to get there.

What do you think of Rebecca Ferguson?

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