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Hot or Not: Radha Mitchell

09.22.2009by: Cherry Liquor

With a fairly high percentage of you (8.6 out of 10 popcorn bags) interested in seeing SURROGATES and so many of you proclaiming to love women that are a little more seasoned in age and less bland when it comes to role choices, this week's pick for Hot or Not Babe seemed a simple one.

Radha Mitchell

The first time that I made note of Mitchell was watching her in PITCH BLACK and with the short hair and apocalyptic flair that film had going on for it, I thought she was trying to embody a blonde version of Ripley at first. As the movie progressed, I saw that there was something deeper to Carolyn Fry, that she wasn't as cautious about displaying fear and uncertainty and there was a genuine reality to Mitchell's performance that, damn the fanboy gods, really outranked the first installment of the ALIEN series.

I started looking Mitchell up later and realized that I'd actually watched her in HIGH ART but that the movie was so depressing to me, I tried to block out the experience. But in her entire career, whether through design or accident, the choices that Mitchell has made with roles have always been brave ones. She'll get nude, she'll get ugly, she'll get butch, she'll cry and she'll kick your ass and be your mommy. It's all there.

MOZART AND THE WHALE is a personal favorite of mine, but sadly not because of Radha but Josh Hartnett. And there's something that tells me that when she appears in SURROGATES, she'll get overwhelmed by Bruce Willis' appearance on screen as well. I suppose that's what's so captivating about her beauty to me. It takes a couple of double takes to realize just how pretty she really is.

What are your thoughts on Rahda Mitchell?

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