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Hot or Not: Rachel Brosnahan

01.10.2017by: Cherry Liquor

While only a few of your responded to Janelle Monae's Hot or Not from last week, it didn't matter when it came to box office bucks, as her movie HIDDEN FIGURES killed over the weekend, tying with ROGUE ONE for the top spot but slaying it on the per screen average. I'm less interested in checking out PATRIOT'S DAY, which focused on the Boston Marathon bombing from 2013, although it is giving me the chance to focus on another new face that needs the spotlight.

Rachel Brosnahan

The hard part about featuring newer faces that are less likely to have an instantaneous response of "Stupid Question!" from you guys is that I'm less familiar with their body of work than other more well-established stars. With Rachel, I vaguely remember her from her small role in BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, then having the chance to soak in up-and-coming (at the time) Zoey Deutch instead. I also only recall a little bit of her time as a call girl on House of Cards because, sadly, I have not managed to fit that show into my rotation in its entirety yet, so I can only comment on how good the stills of Rachel in her lingerie look.

What I do recall her more from was the show Manhattan, a great historical drama from the newer WGN channel about the race to build the atomic bomb during WWII. The network cancelled the series after it failed to garner enough attention from viewers, but it's certainly worth a look if you want to seek it out. In the show, I could see Brosnahan eventually blossoming into the kind of actress who gets regular work on mainstream networks, not quite the bright star that ends up an A-list movie star but the kind you want to tune into week after week to get your fix (think Mariska Hargitay-ish).

There's a quality to Rachel that reminds me a lot of Jena Malone, before Malone got too weird and skinny. But much like I suspect that Jena did so to mark her uniqueness outside of being simply a capable brunette, I also get the impression that Brosnahan isn't going to go that route. It might not equal huge fame but rather an enduring, long-burning one, more reliable and likable as a character actress than a leading lady. I tend to harbor affections for those women much longer than others, kind of like a Judy Greer, but in a more dramatic vein. I think Rachel is hot enough, if not the kind that pops & dazzles from the get-go.

What do you think of Rachel Brosnahan?

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