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Hot or Not: Queen Latifah

01.18.2011by: Cherry Liquor

It seems that the MLK holiday comes around and we forget that there are black hotties who deserve to get featured. I pondered who to go with and decided that it would be a great opportunity to discuss THE DILEMMA star who I've had a soft spot for more than the candy version of chocolate over the years. What says progression better than subjecting all races to the simple degradation of online flippant judgment of beauty??

Queen Latifah

I'm old enough that Dana Owens and her music were a part of my high school experience. Growing up a fairly sheltered middle-class white girl didn't do me many favors other than the inexplicable habit that kids in that demo end up picking up an ear for mainstream hip-hop stylings. Queen Latifah was unapologetic in her clumsy femininity (which in more recent years has had a coming to light that makes more sense to the adult version of myself), tough through her first movie (you all are lying if you didn't find the HOUSE PARTY movies retardedly charming) and television roles (romancing a young Will Smith? Sure!) and endearingly warm and relatable by the time she was the star of her own show, "Living Single."

I've found that most people either love or hate the Queen when it comes to her acting. Fewer are familiar with her music anymore, outside of her Oscar-nominated turn in CHICAGO or blonde-coiffed Maybelle in HAIRSPRAY. Thing is, the woman has grown from a gusty wind into a full-blown tornado. In that last 5 years, she's been working so steadily that it largely overshadows her early career, almost unheard of for most actresses in their 40's.

I don't care about the candid images where Latifah's personal life and leanings have come into light. I find myself less annoyed with stupid movies like the ICE AGE series when I notice that she's doing a voice role in them. Dana Owens might never have expected that she'd become the pop culture booknote that Queen Latifah has become, but I can't imagine my entertainment experience without her in it. Does this factor into her hotness equation? For me, it does. That she's become sexier as she's gotten older is that much more impressive to me. Makes me wonder if she ever prefers a scoop of vanilla from time to time.

What do you think of Queen Latifah?

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