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Hot or Not: Penelope Cruz

02.09.2016by: Cherry Liquor

As expected, PRIDE & PREJUDICE & ZOMBIES couldn't pull off a "Walking Dead" mass appeal, flunking out at the box office with a meager $5.2 million opening and looking as if it might not make up its conservative budget. One of its stars, Emma Greenwell, seemed to have suffered the same fate in her Hot or Not feature, garnering only a few comments, none of which were entirely positive (I will maintain that she's one of those hotter-in-motion girls). This week we're hearkening back to a simpler time, when goofy male models could entertain us out of the tragedy of 9/11. They're gaining an accomplice this time around, so let's talk about her this week.

Penelope Cruz

To be fair, I first attempted a Hot or Not on Penelope Cruz back in '08, where I was chastised for suggesting that she might be anything other than scorching. I was never that big of a fan of Cruz in her earlier years, watching her date Tom Cruise was nauseating and that stint with Matthew McConaughey was equally... well, let's just say that until she met her match in now-hubby Javier Bardem, her romantic choices were on a Katy Perry level of bad decisions. Sure, both of those guys are great actors but that greatness hinges on their ability to creep you the f*ck out most of the time.

So yeah, I couldn't consider myself a fan of Penelope at first but also in 2008, something flipped in her favor: her acting resume started to take on more dimension. It's fairly easy to be called the best thing in a Woody Allen movie (aside from MIGHTY APHRODITE, I can't call myself a fan of the man and I'm not factoring in his personal life, I just find his shit rather boring) which she was in VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA. 2008 also saw her in ELEGY where she was equal parts seductive and deliciously manipulative. There was something to the grown-up, more mature Penelope and I liked it a lot.

The fact that she's dialed back on her acting career since having kids doesn't turn me off, although the pickings have definitely been slimmer when finding something to rave about. Maybe its her softer, more maternal figure that beckons in a way that her younger self couldn't. I'm not entirely sure. I don't have a good reason to like Cruz more now than I did 8 years ago, I just feel it in my gut. The fact that her being in ZOOLANDER 2 is persuading me to see the film moreso than its lead stars speaks fairly loud, though.

What do you think of Penelope Cruz?

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