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Hot or Not: Paula Patton

07.14.2009by: Cherry Liquor

I like it when I watch a bad movie which has a really hot chick in it. There's that whole conflicting effect going on in my brain where I want to make fun of the movie or turn it off completely but I just can't because I sit waiting for that gorgeous babe to come on the screen again. This week's Hot or Not babe did it to me recently, so I wondered if she would do it for you too.

Paula Patton

The movie is question was MIRRORS in which Kiefer Sutherland ran around pretending not to be Jack Bauer but really being a version of his television self in the middle of a weak ghost story. In the meantime, I'm killing myself realizing that as much as he's aged, Kiefer could still, in all probability, reel in a woman as fine as Paula Patton to be his wife who comes around to believing in the ghost bullshit.

I was so taken with her in that movie that I looked up her resume and realized that she was the same chick who got me wondering about her from 2006's DEJA VU with Denzel. She sure can pull off female confused but trusting sidekick really well. You want to smack her around for being so complacent but who would want to cause harm to that beautiful face?

So I read up on her and find out that she's been married to Alan "Family Ties" Thicke's son Robin since 2005, which somehow manages to make me feel sad. Then I see that she's going to turn 34 in December of this year and that makes me even sadder because... well, I don't have an explainable reason. I'm looking forward to catching her in future movie which showcase her hotness, even if it is in a complementary role.

What are your thoughts on Paula Patton?

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