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Hot or Not: Patricia Arquette

07.08.2014by: Cherry Liquor

So most of you aren't fans of Sandra Oh, based on the feedback from last week's Hot or Not. I had thought that there might be a few more people in her corner in terms of supporting her acting talent but that wasn't going on either. This week I want to look at another beauty who has never gotten much credit for her acting, something that one of her ex-husbands suffers from nowadays, and lookie! They both have new movies opening in limited release this week!

Patricia Arquette

In the 1980's, there was still plenty of Hollywood nepotism going on but it never felt as oppressive as when the Arquette clan began to hit the big and small screens. Certainly Patricia's introduction into the world of movies, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3: DREAM WARRIORS, wasn't going hold up to the caliber of filmmaking that Rosanna was into, such as DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN. But if you were searching for the right blue eyed white blonde girl with kinda screwed up teeth, you could always call up Patty.

The mid 1990's were the time that Arquette hit her stride, although let's face it, her stride was limited to her fan favorite role as Alabama in the Tarantino penned TRUE ROMANCE. We loved that she was a romantic prostitute who pretended to dig on kung fu movies and we all thought about how she tasted like a peach. Then she kicked Gandolfini's ass and we each fell just a little bit in love with her.

But what really came after that high time in 1993? A weird 6 year marriage to Nic Cage that was weird and supposedly never all that real, a marriage to Tom Jane that rumours say was essentially the same deal but with a kid out of the mix. A television show that ran for years but most people don't remember much about. Now with BOYHOOD, Patricia's getting another crack at indie respectability. She's aged and it shows but not in a horrific manner. If anything, I like that she has laugh lines and a softened exterior. Hot? Yeah, just enough.

What do you think of Patricia Arquette?

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