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Hot or Not: Olivia Thirlby

04.03.2018by: Cherry Liquor

I guess I need to watch The Crown and figure out what you all see in Claire Foy, last week's Hot or Not applicant, that I don't. Sort of like how we're all going to wait around and eventually watch CHAPPAQUIDDICK, since I highly doubt people are going to be running out and spending in-theater dollars on the movie about another politician doing awful things and getting away with it. Unless you are all fans of one of the female stars of the movie and need to get your historical boner on for her, I'm thinking A QUIET PLACE might just steal its thunder.

Olivia Thirlby

I remember when Olivia Thirlby was supposed to be a thing. Back when JUNO was the hipster teen dramedy that no one could stop quoting, Thirlby was right along with the crowd, being that wacky best friend type that everyone loves. She seemed to drop off the map, more or less, after getting her indie cred on and making all the Jane type magazines hot for her slightly bucky blandness.

All in all, Olivia is a rather capable actress. Not particularly the kind of actress that you go raving about to people, otherwise she could/would have parlayed that into something a bit more flash and dazzle by now. Perhaps that's not what she wants. Maybe she likes being in these independent movies where something interestingly depressing or depressingly interesting is going on. After all, she was also in the vastly underappreciated (but rather well budgeted) DREDD, and was little more than set dressing to the bigger personalities around her, suggesting that she's much more comfortable doing something intimate.

There was a hint of potential boob flashing in DREDD that gave the illusion that Thirlby has something more to look at than what appears in her red carpet & magazine spread appearances and while she has that nice over-all petiteness that represents the Hollywood ideal, she's kind of square waisted (there's a YouTube video of her in a bikini that was about as unflattering as it could get) and ultimately a less vivacious Anne Hathaway at the end of the day. Cute but not particularly hot, in my opinion.

What do you think of Olivia Thirlby?

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