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Hot or Not: Olivia Thirlby

09.01.2009by: Cherry Liquor

Sidekick chicks usually don't get a lot of play. Sure, they're wonderful in the role of the best friend or the supportive girlfriend and their acting chops are all there, but there's something unique in the look of a character actress which brings into question her level of hotness. This week's example is up for your personal examination.

Olivia Thirlby

I'm like most people, having first seen Thirlby in JUNO alongside the far more charismatic Ellen Page, even though Thirlby, on close examination, is aesthetically more attractive than Page. Of course, this is just my personal opinion, towards which you should lend no credence.

I made the mistake of wasting precious time in my life to watch SNOW ANGELS (sorry to my co-workers here on the site who loved the movie, I watched it because I respected their opinions, but found the movie to be one of the worst ones I watched from that year) and see Olivia reduced to a bespeckled mess who has to hook up with the dude who dated (dates?) Kristen Stewart. I was bugged that at first he acted like he was slumming it by being with her.

She's been a great addition to strange movies, including THE WACKNESS and has a very promising career ahead of her in film, including the recently announced JACK AND DIANE, a movie which would have reunited her with JUNO co-star Page, had Page not backed out and been replaced with Alison Pill. It's great that Thirlby can be counted on to bring depth and sincerity to all different types of roles, but this isn't what this article is about.

Do you find Olivia Thirlby to be Hot... or Not?

Source: IMDB


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