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Hot or Not: Olivia Munn

12.28.2010by: Cherry Liquor

How about we take a look at another chick who has had some hot and cold reception from the fanboy community. If there was a way to gauge what exactly it takes to get the collective attention of those with boggling short spans and then lose it just as quickly, we're going to discover it with this chick.

Olivia Munn

Right around the time that I started working within Movie Hotties, Olivia Munn was a gathering storm. Popping up at conventions in costume with her approachable good looks and acting as if she was one of the crowd, Munn seemed poised to turn a career of nothing special into a whole lot of something else. Standing apart from the throngs of blue-eyed blonde over-feminized chicks that were previously being thrust upon the demographic with the greatest disposable income power, it seemed as if Munn didn't have to try very hard to just be that new hot chick on the block.

The thing that I didn't realize was that she was indeed trying too hard. Since I don't watch much outside of a 15 channel perimeter, I had no idea that there was something called "Attack of the Show" or the cable channel that it existed on. I didn't know that dressing up in all of the comic book slut costumes in order to inflame the passions of the hopelessly geeky was the shtick pony she was riding. And honestly I still don't understand why this was such a deal-breaker for so many.

Boiled down, I think Munn is explosively hot - but ON THE CONDITION that I don't have to hear her talk, watch her fumble about trying to do something that she has no inherent talent at or pathetically try and sell me that she's an average chick. If she puts on a bikini and poses for a magazine, she's hot to me. The rest of her package, the living, breathing portion of her as a girl? Yeah, just doesn't do it for me at all. And hell if I understand why. She just gets on my nerves every time she opens her mouth.

What do you think of Olivia Munn?

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