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Hot or Not: Olivia Cooke

03.06.2018by: Cherry Liquor

Does everyone still have their Oscar hangovers? I think it's quite possible that this was my least favorite year not only when it came to the award show but for the 2017 year in movies overall. There were a few standouts and a whole lot of other junk that fluffed the year harder than Jimmy Kimmel trying to joke with Spielberg about having pot. Hooray to the major acting award winners, who all deservedly won their statues. The upcoming release, THOROUGHBREDS has a couple of promising actresses in it who might be standing on that stage in a few more years' time (sadly, we'll never see Anton get the chance, even though he coulda been a contenda as well). Here's one to judge on beauty alone.

Olivia Cooke

The first time I spied Cooke, she was dragging around an oxygen tank and managing to make cannulas a hot look on Bates Motel. We were supposed to be more attracted to Nicola Peltz but one TRANSFORMER movie and that girl fell hard off our radar. Instead, it was Olivia who kept endearing herself to us both on the show as well as her red carpet appearances where she flashed her dimples and a heaping dose of laid-back charm.

Then she took it too far. In 2015, Cooke shaved her head as a part of her role in the adaptation of the book ME & EARL & THE DYING GIRL, giving us caretaker boners by being that sweet sick girl you want to nurse back to health while completely creeping us out with how the lack of hair emphasized her large eyes and made her look too alien to be appropriately "hot" in this day & age. Sure, she was proving herself to be one of the biggest risk takers amongst her contemporaries and was killing it at the acting game but the cropped dome was a major arousal extinguisher.

Olivia has managed to grow her hair back out (no weaves for this serious thespian), get cast in Spielberg's highly anticipated adaptation of READY PLAYER ONE (where she's got nothing on her pulp version, all voluptuous curves - although beggars and choosers, since she's definitely tough enough for the character's personality), prop up her cred with a spin the fancy VANITY FAIR mini-series, and tackle this HEATHERS-ish spin on modern day homicidal teenagers. While I like her a lot, I'm still not sold on Cooke as a hottie. She's cute, she's more than talented and she's got great potential for a long-term Hollywood career. But hot? Not quite.

What do you think of Olivia Cooke?

Source: IMDB


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