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Hot or Not: Odette Yustman

09.21.2010by: Cherry Liquor

Because I still have silly girl bones in my body, I've got a hankering to check out YOU AGAIN this weekend. A good deal of that desire comes from my adoration of Kristen Bell and my admiration for Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver (and my idolization of Betty White). But the lesser known of this group of women is still a strong contender in the hottie field so I'm not about to overlook her, just put her to the Hot or Not challenge.

Odette Yustman

This is the first week where I'm using the horrible IMDB upgrade to double check the credits of the weekly hottie. Anyone else hate the way that site is looking? Call me a creature of habit, I really don't care. I like things simple and streamlined. Which might be why I like Odette Yustman. She's a pretty girl who has thus far in her career been cast as the pretty girl, gaining recent appeal from her mug being showcased in modern thrillers like CLOVERFIELD and THE UNBORN.

The weird thing about Yustman is that she started her movie career as a kid in the movie DEAR GOD, a movie which I saw in the theater when it was released (along with maybe three other people), but I don't remember her. However, I don't remember the movie either so I can't really call her unmemorable. What's more striking about this lovely 25-year old is that her muddled heritage, getting Colombian, French and Italian blood from her father's side and Cuban blood from her mother's. She grew up speaking Spanish and yet has been getting away with being the exotic "white" girl in most of her roles. I love it when beautiful women have layers.

With her landing a plum role next to the funny beauty KBell and with her other upcoming roles including what appears to be a Piper Perabo replacement role in BEVERLY HILLS CHIHUAHUA 2 and an Angelina Jolie wannabe young, tough and pretty FBI agent role in 2011's THE DOUBLE, not only does this chick have a talented tongue, it seems as if she's got some versatility that the studios are banking on. Frankly, I'd bet the bank on her as well.

What do you think of Odette Yustman?

Source: IMDB


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