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Hot or Not: Noureen DeWulf

05.26.2009by: Cherry Liquor

When I say I don't like Rom-Coms, I usually mean it. And in the case of THE GHOSTS OF GIRLFRIENDS PAST, I really, really mean it. That movie was the suck. However, how would I know it was the suck unless I took the time to go see it? My mind, it works in odd ways. See, I believe that in order to be able to knock something, you've got to be educated about it. So I watch mostly shitty Rom-Coms, occasionally getting surprised by one, which makes that viewing all the more special. And provides for this week's Hot or Not selection.

Noureen DeWulf

I could not get this chick out of my head after watching the movie. DeWulf plays the beleaguered personal assistant to McShirtless' playboy photographer, cleaning up after his messes sometimes and other times telling him to do it his damn self. The fact that she's the Girlfriend Present just because she's the only female who he's had in his life longer than a couple of week's provided for some of the only laughs I had in the film.

So once again I started thinking about how I'd said before that I thought most Indian chicks weren't all that hot. (Shut up, I know I used the term "ugly.") Something struck me about her, so I looked her up to find out that she's not Indian. She was born in New York, thus making her a darker skinned American! Actually, IMDBing her reminded me that she was that kick-ass sister in AMERICAN DREAMZ, the movie that was oddly made prior to the show it was mocking getting Sanjaya on it.

Now I do a google image search of her and discover that the little buttoned up secretary has an insanely rockin' bod, loves to wear tight, low-cut outfits and in general illuminates with this ethnic hotness that doesn't give you gastronomical anomalies after ingesting. Well, I don't know that for sure. But I AM curious as to what she tastes like now.

Your thoughts on Noureen?


Extra Tidbit: Oh, and drool over that Maxim shoot down there. Nom Nom Nom...
Source: IMDB
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