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Hot or Not: Nicole Scherzinger

05.22.2012by: Cherry Liquor

I was a tad shocked at just how diverse your opinions were on Maggie Gyllenhaal last week. Never thought it would inspire such strong assertions from the yay and the nay camps, but that's one of the great things about finding a good Hot or Not candidate. This week should be a little bit easier for you, even if you might not like me by the time that you've skimmed over what I have to say.

Nicole Scherzinger

I love to get this past my black friends who lay claim to Scherzinger. According to her bios that I've found online, her ethnic make-up consists of Filipino, Russian and Hawaiian. Listening to people bicker over her background reminds me of that rumour of Paris Hilton making out with Vin Diesel at a dimly lit party and then later claiming to be disgusted because she wasn't into black guys. Honestly? Mixed ethnicity is like fusion cuisine. A little bit of the best of everything.

Prior to joining The Pussycat Dolls, Nicole had garnered a singing deal from a reality television show, "Popstars," where she briefly was involved with Eden's Crush. She's had a handful of small acting roles before getting yet another small role in the upcoming MEN IN BLACK III. Thing that's hardest for me to get past? The revolting meaning of the lyrics of the song "Don't Cha." I know she didn't write it, but gaining fame from that song makes me weep for the true musicians who die penniless.

I would say that I think Scherzinger has a great body but she's been surgically enhanced. While that might work to a degree on some women, it seems ridiculously cartoonish on her body. Doing a deep look at her facial features, I'm just not drawn to her. It's as if her ethnic fusion gave her a little bit of everything... just not the tenderest parts. Good skin color, blank expression behind the eyes. I keep expecting her to turn out to be one of the Fembots from AUSTIN POWERS. If we're talking manufactured hotness, I'd relent. But real hotness? Just not feeling it.

What do you think of Nicole Scherzinger?

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