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Hot or Not: Nicky Whelan

01.13.2015by: Cherry Liquor

It's nice to know that I'm not alone in my adoration of Katharine Isabelle, who created a lot of strong positive responses from you guys in last week's Hot or Not. I feature some obvious chicks at times because they're not getting the media attention that I think they should - Isabelle should be a bigger star. As for this week's babe, who will be appearing in THE WEDDING RINGER, she may or may not need the press push. You decide.

Nicky Whelan

From what I can tell, Nicky Whelan is far better known in Australia, where she originates from. A model who got her start on the long-running series, "Neighbours," she also was added to the cast of "Scrubs" during it's decline. I don't remember her from the funny hospital show, though. I first really noticed her when I was indulging in my even longer-running guilty obsession with Mark-Paul Gosselaar on "Franklin & Bash."

I want you to process the fact that I'm using a couple of older modeling pictures for the final two images here, the first one being from the more recent appearance that Nicky made at the August 2014 premiere of SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR. She's cut her hair (and even more recently dyed it an unflattering bark brown color) and doesn't have that fresh-as-a-daisy look any longer. Not a great prospect for a chick who hasn't gotten a chance to really get off the ground as a hottie outside of her native country.

Nicky Whelan has an adorable face and a postively outstanding body. But she's forgettable, which is a big problem. You can look over her resume and see a number of jobs in movies and shows where she should be popping into mind and instead leaves me thinking, "Which one was she again?" Perhaps she just really needs a breakout role to shine in (I haven't watched "Matador," the 2014 that's supposedly good). I don't know. She's hot, but not in the way that leaves her scorched in your memory banks.

What do you think of Nicky Whelan?

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