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Hot or Not: Nicki Minaj

05.21.2013by: Cherry Liquor

Is the last season of American Idol over yet? I don't pay attention anymore other than to watch certain friends of mine bicker over the show on their Facebook and Twitter feeds. (I'd mock them but I still have my old stand-by shows as well, so that would be hypocritical of me.) I have political antecedents tht cause me to currently feel a certain way about this week's Hot or Not selection. But please, don't let MY feelings step in the way of your opinions!

Nicki Minaj

I can't remember the first time I figured out who (what?) the hell a Nicki Minaj was, I just know that I was intrigued... for about 5 seconds. A black woman who dogs on other black women and tries to look like the black Barbie? Or whatever the hell she's been trying to do? Makes me a tad queasy right off the bat.

I've tried listening to her music and even though I proudly call myself a Katy Perry fan because her songs are super catchy, I can't understand the musical appeal of Minaj. Especially after she had a song which included lyrics about how people who didn't vote Republican were "lazy bitches" who were "f*cking up the economy." The thing I'll give her is that while she's clearly had a lot of plastic surgery done, she's maintaining a curvy body that doesn't scream that you should starve yourself.

In my eyes, opinion and otherwise, Nicki Minaj is NOT HOT. She has nice fake boobs and some wide hips but what good do those do me? I don't like her music, her face looks awful in pictures that I don't even want to imagine what she looks like in person and she's possessed of a wickedly nasty personality. But hey! That's just me!

What do you think of Nicki Minaj?

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