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Hot or Not: Nazanin Boniadi

08.09.2016by: Cherry Liquor

It was cool to see Cheryl Hines get love from you guys in her feature last week. It was nearly as good as it was to see NINE LIVES peter out an inauspicious box office opening because we need to stop encouraging the studios to cast great people in shitty movies. This week, we're trotting out the ol' gladiator sandals again with the latest BEN-HUR flick, this time with 100% more Morgan Freeman and I'm assuming not much else. Well, other than this fine creature. Time to have a look at:

Nazanin Boniadi

If you'll forgive me, I need to admit that I've never watched a single episode of "Homeland," one of the programs that Boniadi has gotten a strong vibe from having appeared on. It makes sense, what with her Iranian background and that show is about... stuff in that general vicinity of the world or something. I don't get the appeal but I also haven't liked Claire Danes much since ROMEO + JULIET. As for the rest of her career, I vaguely remember her from IRON MAN, I remember being annoyed by her character Nora on "How I Met Your Mother," and I completely missed her acting kick-off in the soap opera world, so I'm flying blind in this regard.

What I find interesting about Nanazin has more to do with her reported relationship with Tom Cruise, prior to the Oprah couch-hopping session he had over Katie Holmes. Apparently, Boniadi was one of the women that the church of Scientology "auditioned" to be his long-standing girlfriend, a replacement for Penelope Cruz, who wouldn't convert to the nutjob "religion" and therefore needed to be replaced with a more pliable human female. While Cruise has never talked about dating Nazanin, the writer Marc Headley wrote a book exposing what was going on and how she got involved in the mess (she's now a lapsed nutjob, so it's much easier to like her).

Not knowing too much about Nazanin (and having had to type out her name over and over again, forcing me to learn how to spell it, which will work in her favor, I suppose), I'm mainly going off of her looks. I find her to be exceptionally beautiful and while I didn't like when she was Nora, I could understand what Barney saw in her, especially that floucy, beautiful British accent of hers. While that flummoxing name of hers might keep her out of an A-lister type of career, I'm certain that she'll be the gorgeous eye-candy of choice whenever execs want someone who looks vaguely "of that region." Because woo! Hollywood generalized casting!

What do you think of Nazanin Boniadi?

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