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Hot or Not: Natalie Dormer

01.05.2016by: Cherry Liquor

Last week's feedback on Zoe Bell was largely mixed. Some found her sexy, as was my opinion, and others weren't swayed by the Aussie's slick stunt doubling basassery enough to consider her attractive. This week is slim pickings at the movie theater for new releases, with many folk opting for their umpteenth viewing of THE FORCE AWAKENS or a hunt for the limited unrolling of others award contenders. The only new face on the screen is THE FOREST, which features this week's Hot or Not selectee.

Natalie Dormer

I vaguely recalled Dormer as Anne Boleyn in "The Tudors," although it wasn't because she was unimpressive as an actress. It was a circumstance of watching a pouty girl and thinking she was alright to forgetting about her until she popped up again in "Game of Thrones," in which I remembered, "Aha! That's the chick from 'The Tudors'!" Point being, Dormer started off as fuzzy around the edges to me in the beginning and came into sharper focus as she found her footing in Hollywood.

Oh that smirk. Natalie's entire face is a wee bit off kilter, with tiny little eyes (which haters could call "beady" and that twitchy crooked smirk that makes her constantly look like the 12-year old Mean Girl at your middle school before she ripped into you publicly, causing crippling social anxiety that lasts you into your adult life. No? Just me then? OK. My point being, the semi-permanent bitch face worked well in aiding her to fit in with the big kids over at the HBO fantasy drama.

I've grown into really liking Dormer. When she was picked up for the role of Cressida in the final two HUNGER GAMES movies and shaved the side of her head for the role, I knew she was a down, down lady. As I've seen her blossom in front of the cameras when she walks the red carpet, transitioning from a smirky faced queen B to a carefree beauty with a wild grin, I've really become quite fond of Natalie. She has a fit body, a unique face and a personality with surprises. I vote Hot.

What do you think of Natalie Dormer?

Source: IMDB


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