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Hot or Not: Nasim Pedrad

01.12.2016by: Cherry Liquor

Jaunary is a wasteland of movie and television choices, forcing us to swallow down the bitter pill of a PG-13 horror movie or a show that networks didn't believe could pull ratings during fall sweeps. While Natalie Dormer did well in her Hot or Not showing last week, her movie, THE FOREST didn't debut as spectacularly, leaving THE BOY free of solid competition when it debuts next weekend. One of the few things recently that managed to surprise me and be far more watchable than I had expected was "Scream Queens," which boasted a strong cast of characters willing to be crazy, pushing the show beyond what a PG-13 horror film could accomplish. I'd like to look at one of the stars from that show this week in an attempt to keep the lingering taste of its schlocky goodness in my mouth.

Nasim Pedrad

I tend to watch about 2-3 episodes of "Saturday Night Live" each season, mainly because I gave up on watching it with any consistency after Mike Myers in 1995. Taking the good moments that people like Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader have had in more recent years and combining it with the strangely pitch perfect impression that Nasim Pedrad does of Kim Kardashian and you have why I still hold out hope for the aging sketch comedy series. Her mean Aziz parody (the one that didn't air until she appeared on Conan) is a strong argument that the people at SNL might be cutting too much of what's actually funny.

Outside of using her unique voice as fodder for a number of animated shows, "Scream Queens" is the first time we've been able to see the live-action Pedrad doing the acting thing and boy was it fun. Many of the actresses on the show were given carte blanche and for someone with a sketch comedy background, I found Nasim's stuck-in-the-90's mental case to be the most restrained, a hard thing to pull off well when surrounded by showboaters, so I give her major props for that.

Much like I mentioned a couple weeks back about Zoe Bell, Nasim has a wee bit wonky honker but do like those funky, non-surgical noses. She has a great body, petite enough to dress up like tiny dudes who hang with Kanye. Her personality is fun and friendly when she does interviews, leading me to believe that she's an open, generally good lady. She's hot in the basic sense, but I also think she transcends it a bit by being so cool.

What do you think of Nasim Pedrad?

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