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Hot or Not: Miranda Frigon

03.03.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Last week you were mainly in the cute boat with Sarah Bolger, although there might just be some wiggle room for her to continue her arc into a totally hottie. This week, I figured there would be a plethora of great looking babes to analyze from UNFINISHED BUSINESS but it appears that when they set out to make that threeway bromance, it didn't include enough screen time for any one female. So I'm moving to the man of the hour, director Neill Blomkamp's CHAPPIE, the movie I was looking forward to more anyhow.

Miranda Frigon

I hadn't heard of the name Miranda Frigon prior to looking over the cast of CHAPPIE although I probably should have recognized her from something, seeing as how I do like me some attractive Canadian babes. Frigon has been a singer and songwriter as well as an actress, including a reoccurring role on the "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" TV show they put on the air in the late 90's. Poor Peter Scolari. Just as funny as Hanks and yet never the top-billed big paycheck guy.

Frigon has kicked around for a number of years and racked up a fairly impressive list of minor roles in everything from movies like NEXT and WHITE NOISE and shows including, "Heartland," "Ugly Betty" and her bigger role on "Primeval: New World." OK, so none of that is top tier, A-lister stuff but it shows that Miranda has been willing to work hard for her exposure, making me want to give her some.

From what I can tell she's been a blonde, a brunette and a redhead (I like the redder hues) and has always maintained a pretty darn rockin' body at an impressively shorter frame than I would have guessed (reportedly she's only 5'3"ish but carries herself like a more statuesque beauty). I like her face and I'm willing to give her a big thumbs up, but I might want to actually check into some of her acting to get a fuller picture.

What do you think of Miranda Frigon?

Source: IMDB


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