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Hot or Not: Michelle Rodriguez

07.27.2010by: Cherry Liquor

I've already discussed this chick in a slightly embarrassing way. That is, if you choose to discount the fact that I'm a big fan of the fun cheesiness of the FAST & FURIOUS flicks and from time to time pay attention to the little blurbs that I write. I've stated before that I find it funny that my mother (who, even though she never visits this site, would be mortified if I mentioned her age) has a girl crush on this week's selection. That to me was enough to stay away from her. And after her troubles with the law, it seemed as if her career might steer clear of her as well. But you can't turn around in this fanboy world without finding her somewhere, so it's time to discuss this Latina and get it over with.

Michelle Rodriguez

Forgive me, fanboy world, but I have sinned. That is, I have never watched the show "Lost" and still have not gotten around to watching last year's big 3-D sensation and huge bod office grosser, AVATAR. So I have to rely on my knowledge of Rodriguez as an actress from just about every other role she's done. Emotionally bracing in her introductory film, GIRLFIGHT, that film has kicked off a decade long run with television and film that I think even surprise the actress from time to time.

It might be because I knew girls exactly like Letty when I was growing up, but catching Michelle in the first FAST & FURIOUS movie got me to pay attention to the rest of her career as she's progressed. And it's been prolific and wildly varied. From playing the cool best friend in BLUE CRUSH to the tough momma in S.W.A.T., Michelle might not always have the most conventional of looks but she manages to always capture the attention of the camera. Sure, she's hard around the edges, but there's a hidden softness & vulnerability there that most actresses don't understand how to plumb. Perhaps because they're shallow puddles?

Ultimately, I have to decree that I think Michelle is a hot chick. She's not always beautiful, but I don't consider that to be a prerequisite of hotness. She's alluring, she's engaging and she's got this... SOMETHING... that isn't matched currently in the pool of actresses in Hollywood. That's something I dig, and something that very few of us are able to ignore.

What are your thoughts on Michelle Rodriguez?

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