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Hot or Not: Michelle Dockery

07.07.2015by: Cherry Liquor

There was a part of me that was really hoping TERMINATOR: GENISYS would have done better at the box office, although I can't be precise about why I felt that way. Perhaps because I'm a pretty big fan of Emilia Clarke like the rest of you. This weekend we have the little yellow cartoon dudes as one option and the Ryan-Reynolds-really-enjoys-making-stinkbombs-doesn't-he? new flick, SELF/LESS as another. I'll let you guys guess which one of those this featured babe is from.

Michelle Dockery

Since I'm one of the only people who doesn't watch "Downton Abbey" (seriously, even the dudes are crazy for that show, apparently), I didn't get a chance to really pay attention to Michelle until her brief role in NON-STOP. I mainly was getting my Dockery intel from the red carpet award events she was attending for her BBC show. And wow, the girl cleans up spectacularly.

One of the things I've noticed from looking up pictures of Dockery is that her look seems to have slightly evolved since she was cast on DA. Previously her hair was longer, her makeup softer and her overall look was more forgettable. With the shorter hair, more striking makeup choices and about ten less pounds on her, she looks like Ally Sheedy & Melanie Lynskey had a love child - which I do not consider to be a bad thing.

I find Michelle Dockery pretty damn hot, even though I know little about her. She has this icy exterior that many British babes of her caliber seem to possess, making me believe that she's a sensual beast if she allows you to know her carnally. Perhaps her buttoned-down, high-class look is what does it but whatever the case, she does it for me.

What do you think of Michelle Dockery?

Source: IMDB


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