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Hot or Not: Melissa Rauch

03.15.2016by: Cherry Liquor

I thought perhaps some of you would be a wee bit anti-Maria Sharapova, not necessarily because of her failing the drug test or getting herself suspended but perhaps an errant complaint about a wonky nose or thin lips. Such was not the case when her Hot or Not featured last week, although only 7 people weighed in, so perhaps the naysayers were too preoccupied to comment. Since the thought of another dystopian YA adaptation bores me and because I never need a good excuse to feature a busty lady, we're tackling the star of THE BRONZE this week.

Melissa Rauch

I wish I could say that I remember Melissa Rauch before she joined the cast of "The Big Bang Theory," mainly because I consider myself to be fairly in touch with stand-up and sketch comedy but I hadn't seen her in anything before she busted out as Bernadette. The show wasn't even sure they were going to keep her but the fans were so angst-ridden over what happened to Howard's blonde shortie that they brought her back and made her a full-time player. Wise choice, seeing as how Melissa and Mayim help to deliver more solid laughs than the beautiful but often times too flat delivery of Kaley Cuoco on the show.

Most of the time, if you want to see Rauch do anything other than TBBT, you have to go searching for it. From various indie projects to nearly unknown big name films such as 2014's ARE YOU HERE, this busty pixie is talented but often times underutilized. It's a smart move to bank on the success of the CBS sitcom, so much so that Rauch was provided the opportunity to co-write THE BRONZE and finagle far more attention for it based on audience's familiarity with her from that show.

While she's rarely showing off too much while on a red carpet and her casual style seems to be several notches below those sweater sets but still far above a spin in Kaley's yoga shorts, what I love about Rauch is that she hasn't been shy about exploiting her sexuality in photoshoots for men's magazines. Of course she has a great body. She's definitely proven that she can solidly deliver the funny. She also has a knack for speaking eloquently in interviews and comes off as acerbic & intelligent. She's "I wanna marry this chick" hot while also being "I wanna bone this chick" hot. I love her.

What do you think of Melissa Rauch?

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