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Hot or Not: Melissa McCarthy

02.05.2013by: Cherry Liquor

I'd like to point out that there seems to be an odd middle ground when it comes to women of size. I'm not saying "women of size" to include only the big girls. I'm thinking about how many Schmoes I've heard complain that skinny actresses need to eat cheeseburgers. (Pasta type carbs are far more effective for weight gain, just FYI.) Most constantly praise the "healthy" look on women in films and television. But what looks healthy on screen often looks scary in real life. Between this week's release of IDENTITY THIEF and next month's MISS CONGENIALITY 3 THE HEAT, you're going to be seeing a whole lot of a whole lot of this woman. Let's discuss.

Melissa McCarthy

I've listened to the fat girls complain about how insulting it is to them to hear the words "you have such a pretty face!" as if the rest of them didn't matter. When I analyze it deeply, I comprehend their concern. "You're so pretty!" would be much nicer and wouldn't have the hidden undertones. So it's hard that I want to say here, when I look at this first image, that Melissa McCarthy has a pretty face. Because it's true and I'm not intending for it to be rude.

It's interesting that most women I talk to also tend to remember McCarthy from her long running role on "Gilmore Girls." Other than the fact that I thought Lauren Graham was a babe and that there was no comprehensible way that she would have been a teen mom who turned out that well adjusted, I don't recall Melissa from that. I recall her fondly in that Ryan Reynolds movie, THE NINES, which wasn't great but had moments of thought-provokingness. I love that she was the voice of DNAmy on "Kim Possible." (Hey! I like cartoons! Especially about cute teen redheads and naked mole rats! And I was really only watching because Patton Oswalt was the voice of Professor Dementor.) Not only that, the role she had as Dina in the short-lived "Samantha Who?" gave her a lot of room to be cool too.

So here's my dilemma. When BRIDESMAIDS came out, I thought she was the best thing in it. The speech she gives Wiig when she comes charging into the house with all the dogs is amazing. But now McCarthy keeps popping up in these ranting, foul-mouthed scenes (THIS IS 40, anyone?) and that really turns me off. Because I liked Melissa more the way she seemed to be. Not extreme, but definitely funny. Not forced, which made her that much more attractive to me. I honestly think she is a beautiful, talented woman who pushes the limits not just because she's fat but because she's GOOD. But if the trend continues, I won't think "you're pretty!" anymore. Yannow?

What do you think of Melissa McCarthy?

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