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Hot or Not: Melissa Benoist

10.27.2015by: Cherry Liquor

It was a lackluster box office weekend, with THE LAST WITCH HUNTER taking fourth place, even though those of you who responded about its star, Rose Leslie, last week thought she ranked fairly high. Speaking of things up high, in the sky, that "Supergirl" show debuted on CBS last night. You're welcome to weigh in on what you thought about the show, if you care to, but what do you think about its star?

Melissa Benoist

Melissa Benoist would have been nowhere on my radar if she hadn't been one of the celebrity women hacked as a part of The Fappening last year. Out of all of the nudie pictures, Benoist's made the biggest splash, considering that it wasn't just her naked self making coy faces in selfies. (Go ahead, go Google if you want to see her full monty.) Other than a small role in WHIPLASH, a film that was remarkable in so many ways but not because of her, Benoist has mainly been known for her role on "Glee," which I never really could sit through.

For those who might remember her from "Homeland," Melissa has shown off the goods for payment as well, appearing nude on that show in the role of a hooker (harem member, whatever). It gives you a chance to see that she's clearly not as clean-cut as a Supergirl might be expected to be, but at the same time, it doesn't really showcase that she can act. I find her passable in roles whenever I catch her in them (there's a few other one episode stints she's done on TV, including "Blue Bloods" and "Law & Order") but not noteworthy. Her voice is a bit small and chirpy, which doesn't lend a lot of authority to her delivery either.

I doubt I would have bothered paying much attention to Melissa Benoist if she hadn't been a hacking victim. She's cute but not gorgeous, has a good body but not a head turning one and her acting is middle grade. The way that CBS is pushing the "Supergirl" show, you'd think they'd stand to lose buckets of dough if it didn't succeed but it's cheesy at best in a world where NetFlix is slamming the comic book adaptation world with depth, darkness & great acting. While cute, I don't think she's necessarily "hot."

What do you think of Melissa Benoist?

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