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Hot or Not: Megan Mullally

12.27.2016by: Cherry Liquor

I was surprised that while Reese Witherspoon racked up one of the top shared posts of the week, she didn't garner the hearts of those who comments on her Hot or Not as much, with a so-so 62% Hot rating. Some claim that she's just cute, some commented that her diva tantrum was a huge turn-off. Others cited her choice in some roles. There isn't a huge star to focus on this week, but there is one who might have the opposite effect that Reese did, if you're aware of her personal life, so let's take a look at one of the stars of WHY HIM? to finish out 2016.

Megan Mullally

I, like most people, first became familiar with Megan during her run as the fun drunk next door on Will & Grace. Karen was a bored trophy wife looking to have something to do while she wasn't tossing back the sauce. I didn't watch the show until it had been on for a couple of years, egged on to do so by my friends who were in love with Karen & her relationship with Jack (played by Sean Hayes) and the two were magic together, that I'll agree to. As for the rest of the show, I just couldn't stomach the filler in order to get to the dynamic duo, so my other experiences with Mullally's work included MONKEYBONE (yes, my desire to watch shitty Brendan Fraser movies really needs to be snuffed) and the equally terrible STEALING HARVARD. (For those who don't blink too fast, you can also catch Megan as one of the call girls in RISKY BUSINESS. No, seriously.)

Since moving on from Will & Grace, Megan has become fairly well known for being the loving wife of Parks and Recreation star, Nick Offerman, and they pretty much sum up the hashtag #relationshipgoals, being loving and foul-mouthed together while enjoying their private lives and not doing that ridiculous social butterfly thing that kills every other Hollywood marriage. It means that Megan has taken on far too many mom roles in recent years, when she is working. But when she is, I really love what she does (especially her time on Bob's Burgers and while I might not judge you if you don't find her a hottie, I WILL judge you if you don't like Bob's Burgers).

Megan is decent looking, which comes out sounding like it's an insult but it's not. There are people who aren't drop dead gorgeous but still far better looking than the average person, but by Hollywood standards, the best term I can think of is decent. She's got a great figure and while it's been 10 years since W&G went off the air, I'd still love it if she lifted her top and bumped bellies with me (not that I'm as cool as Jack). It's really her snarky personality and loving loyalty that make Megan a hottie to me, because she's really that long-term, wife material kinda gal that's hard to find these days.

What do you think of Megan Mullally?

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