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Hot or Not: Megan Fox

05.08.2012by: Cherry Liquor

The only reason why I'm "going there" with this week's Hot or Not selection is because she has a self-deprecating cameo in THE DICTATOR, starring the man famous for "going there." Bear with me, I'm also writing this column in advance this week, as I will be returning from PA late Tuesday evening, most preferably after watching the Flyers knock the Devils out of contention in Sunday's Game Four. (A girl can have high hopes, can't she?)

Megan Fox

There was such a Megan Fox onslaught in the aftermath of her getting picked up by Michael Bay to be the eye candy for his huge box office hit, TRANSFORMERS. Problem was that Fox was still young and not well educated in how to appear the least bit humble or gracious over her new found fame. She became more notorious for spewing stupid shit from her oral cavity to the extent where Bay famously dropped her from the third installment of the robot series.

So Megan was still getting hired for a lot of gigs. The problem was that those gigs were in JENNIFER'S BODY (a box office flop where she looked great but Amanda Seyfried blew her out of the water), JONAH HEX (which brings up painful, cringing memories even to type the name out) and PASSION PLAY, that flick where Mickey Rourke famously mentioned that Megan was one of the best actresses he'd ever worked with - only to later retract that in classic Mickey fashion after he was finished doing the promotion for the film.

They were on, they were off, it was creepy that he met her when she was only 17 years old, but Brian Austen Green and Fox tied the knot for good in 2010, making her a stepmom to his kid from the previous babe marriage to Vanessa Marcil. Rumours (as of the time I am writing this) are heavily speculating that Megan is now knocked up for the first time but the couple has yet to confirm. So we got to see her go from young, dewy sex pot to overly waxy and phony looking to a mom-jeans wearing chick fighting Botox rumours with Facebook pictures of her forcing wrinkles into her forehead. Is she hot? Frankly, I honestly don't know anymore.

What do you think of Megan Fox?

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