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Hot or Not: Marisa Tomei

05.03.2016by: Cherry Liquor

I was a bit surprised that a large number of people last week voted not on Julia Roberts, citing both her earlier years and current ones in their determination. I would have though that more people would have had at least some small embers burning for the former Pretty Woman. This week is a bit harder from which to pull from recent releases. I can't ever suggest that ScarJo might not be hot and I've already covered Elizabeth Olsen and Emily VanCamp. So thinking along the vein of an actress we've grown up with, how about a familiar face playing a beloved aunt in this week's CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR.

Marisa Tomei

For the life of me, even though I know my dad has made me watch it a number of times, I cannot recall Marisa Tomei in THE TOXIC AVENGER, although that's where she got her start in movies. I vaguely recall her time as a character actress on that Cosby spin-off, "A Different World," but nothing notable. Where I really remember seeing Tomei for the first time was in OSCAR, that comedy gangster movie that Stallone couldn't get to move at the box office. It's still one of my favorite "bet you've never seen it" flicks, although for everyone other than Sly. And of course, a year later we were introduced to Mona Lisa Vito when Marisa made MY COUSIN VINNY worth the middling wait only for her 5 minute courtroom scene. You know, the one where she took home an Oscar of her own.

Tomei's career has been all over the place for the past 2 1/2 decades, from playing second fiddle to lesser talents to headlining in indie films with critical praise but little screen time. By the mid-2000's, Tomei seemed ready to kick things up a notch, pushing past people's perceptions of her as an actress (and a woman in her 40's) by appearing nude in both BEFORE THE DEVIL KNOWS YOU'RE DEAD and THE WRESTLER, the latter of which saw her back in the good graces of the Academy for the third time. The fact that she's always taken the rougher road instead of going for the easiest picks makes her work all that much more admirable.

I totally love me some Marisa Tomei. She's always been more on the cute side than the drop-dead beautiful one. Her body has always been lean and realistic, with her avoiding looking as if she over-exercises or under-eats. Marisa has definitely gotten sexier as she's gotten older, although it's hard to determine if that's because of the roles she's taken or herself in general. If I have to come down on one one side or the other, well, f*ck. That's like asking me to pick my favorite aunt.

What do you think of Marisa Tomei?

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