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Hot or Not: Maria Sharapova

03.08.2016by: Cherry Liquor

Nice to know I'm not the only one down with a more mature Hot or Not selection. Seems most of you are big fans of Angela Bassett, singing her praises in her feature last week. One person not getting praised this week is our featured lady, although I doubt anything she's done will be as embarrassing as the toilet humour capers of Sacha Baron CohenTHE BROTHERS GRIMSBY, which will have its own tearful admittance of shame by the end of this week's box office haul.

Maria Sharapova

Russian born tennis player, Maria Sharapova, has found herself in a bit of hot water this week after it was announced on Monday that she'd failed a drug test. Apparently she's been taking a heart medication manufactured out of Latvia, something called Meldonium. The drug only recently became registered as a banned substance in the sports world this year and Sharapova claims to have been taking the drug the past 10 years for treatment of heart problems. The only drawback is that doctors have determined that the drug apparently gives athletes an advantage with endurance and rehabilitation after workouts. Rut roh.

Putting that drama aside for a second, Maria still have one impressive body of work (or one piece of work of a body) on her. Tall, long legged and always supremely fit, it's hard to argue that Sharapova isn't one of the leanest bodies on the courts. Where I beg to differ with her fans comes down to the often dour expression she wears, something I fear can be attributed to being an overworked athlete from Eastern Europe.

I feel bad for Maria right now, having to come clean regarding an issue she's been upfront about (her heart troubles) for some time now. When not playing, Maria has shown herself to be a strong advocate for charities and has otherwise stayed out of the spotlight when it comes to personal drama. I can't say that I find her attractive in the most general sense of the term but I appreciate how hard she's worked and really do empathize with her current situation. Perhaps not a full fledged hot (and definitely making me reconsider if it was a good idea to feature her now, but I don't think you want to evaluate SBC's ass crack) but definitely not a not.

What do you think of Maria Sharapova?

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