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Hot or Not: Margarita Levieva

01.21.2014by: Cherry Liquor

Not a whole lot of feedback last week for Angelique Cabral but I sort of like getting some lesser known names out there, especially if they're worth watching for the talent and perhaps the face/body as well. This week, I'm featuring an actress from the release-plagued KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM because I've been waiting forever to watch it and I'm feeling similar about this lady potentially breaking out.

Margarita Levieva

Saddled with an unfortunate name as far as the Hollywood standards go, I have to admit that just looking at it doesn't conjure up any of Levieva's roles in my head. The Russian-born actress stands out more as Lisa P. from ADVENTURELAND, one of those movies that I love to go back to, no matter how achingly awkward it can be in recalling growing-up memories. There was this glowing mystery to Margarita that made me pay attention whenever she was on screen.

I wasn't a watcher of "How to Make It In America," even though I was constantly being told that it was a show worth checking out, so sadly I missed Margarita there. However, when I indulgently got into checking out the superfly fineness of Emily VanCamp on "Revenge," (the show is a guilty pleasure that I'm not all that guilty about) I was happy to see Levieva make a reappearance as the troubled girl that Emily Thorne first makes acquaintances with in juvie. The fact that she's often seen in a bikini does not hurt her cause in the least.

Levieva radiates when she's on screen, her eyes suck you in and her body seals the deal. In fact, there might be an issue with the fact that she comes off as a very lusty, not entirely deep type of woman when it comes to getting cast in roles. I've noticed that the Hollywood machine likes the sexier girls to be visual aides more than story builders and it's hard to walk the fine line that combines both. I love her look and think she's a babe.

What do you think of Margarita Levieva?

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