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Hot or Not: Mamie Gummer

08.04.2015by: Cherry Liquor

So maybe I was a little bit off in my age assessment of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: ROGUE NATION star Rebecca Ferguson. I thought she looked far younger than her natural age, you all thought she looked older - and not all that spectacular as a whole. I might get blasted for featuring one of the stars of RICKI AND THE FLASH this week, but who knows? I've clearly misjudged your reactions before.

Mamie Gummer

The first of Meryl Streep's three daughters (and second child overall), you can clearly tell that Gummer is indeed Streep's kid. I might have called shenanigans on her nose being an act of plastic surgery gone wrong if Meryl herself didn't have the strangely thin and wonky schnoz herself. There's something supremely more distracting about Mamie's over her mother's (another note: Mamie's given name is Mary Willa, a much nicer moniker), giving her a face that you can't look away from - whether that's good or bad is up to you.

I'd preach the unfairness of the children of celebrities automatically getting into the acting/music/entertainment biz if it weren't for the fact that I doubt I would have chosen to live a day-to-day punch-the-clock life if I didn't have to. Also, Gummer can really act. In one of the most aggravating movies I've seen lately, THE LIFEGUARD, I expected to gravitate toward Kristen Bell's woman-child character and instead fell for Mamie's performance as the only damn adult with a moral conscience.

Mamie Gummer is not a particularly attractive woman. I think she's a rather good actress and I generally like her in that I have a good feeling about a person sense that you get. It's odd for me, since I know she looks a lot like Meryl and I think Meryl is attractive. But this is a big not hot vote from me, even if I'll continue to look for whatever she's in and want to check her acting out more.

What do you think of Mamie Gummer?

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