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Hot or Not: Maika Monroe

03.24.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Last week was a good one for Naomi Watts, who was the featured lady in Hot or Not and pretty much scored almost all positive responses. Sexy, respectable, established kind of hot, apparently. As for this week's babe, she's more of an unknown but based on the critics loving her recent release, IT FOLLOWS, that might not be for long.

Maika Monroe

There's something a bit white trash bitchy to Maika Monroe's look and I'm not saying that as an insult. It's a hard look to pull off without also looking trashy or strung out. Ideally, we want a certain look from the cinematic white trash hottie, a tense set to the mouth, a skeptical narrowing of the eyes, a toughness in the way she'll hold her body. All of that is here in Monroe.

I looked through her resume and Maika is making slow but steady movement up the indie circuit, from a nameless role as a beach chick in THE BLING RING (overrated pile of garbage but that's not her fault) to bigger bits in LABOR DAY and THE GUEST. As the lead in IT FOLLOWS, a faith is implied in her acting and according to Walkuski's review, she's especially good, in particular when those big peepers of hers go wide and you feel as freaked out as her character must.

I gotta give Maika Monroe a passing grade here, although I see that room for improvement factor considering that she's just getting started and we haven't a huge catalog to base strong opinions on yet. While she might be dismissed as a typical thin, blonde white girl, there's a certain something about Monroe that sets her apart from being just another one in the crowd. I like now, I'm waiting to see if I will love later.

What do you think of Maika Monroe?

Source: IMDB


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