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Hot or Not: Maggie Gyllenhaal

05.15.2012by: Cherry Liquor

Women are crazy. Wanna know how to fix that? Get them off. That's what was proposed back in the day of Freud's research, where doctors were prescribing using vibrators to bring a woman to orgasm in their offices so that they could leave with a more stable mind. Even with that subject matter, I think HYSTERIA might have some trouble finding a male fan base. But they might just be fans of the movie's star. Let's put that to a vote.

Maggie Gyllenhaal

She has a simply pretty face. Or perhaps just a simple face which can be pretty when she has a flattering photoshoot like this first image I picked. There's always been a cuteness that lingered in her mischievous eyes, eyes that can also convey depth of sadness like few actress on the market today.

First gaining notice as the mousy cutter who gets a job working for the perversely uptight and ravenously unwound James Spader in SECRETARY, there was a push for some time to get Maggie G to pose provocatively to invoke memories of that role. I personally don't think that the vamped up look works for her. She's quirky looking but not extremely so and she's not a bombshell, so it feels forced in poses like this.

Maggie is one of my favorite actresses working today. She's emotive, one of those necessary but often lacking traits in many actresses these days. I definitely score her in the movie star range of Michelle Williams. She can dress up for red carpets and look pretty good, but as an average chick, I can see how many might pass her by without a second glance. I still think she's hot, but mainly because of her bravery in her roles. Other than that, I'd call her cute at best.

What do you think of Maggie Gyllenhaal?

Source: IMDB


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