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Hot or Not: Lorenza Izzo

10.06.2015by: Cherry Liquor

I guess they pushed the release date of THE WALK to this week, most likely to avoid going head-to-head with the obvious ratings winner, THE MARTIAN. Everyone loves JGL, just not as much as they appreciate Matt Damon. And as for Keanu Reeves pairing with director Eli Roth for the appropriately timed thriller, they may have to rely on the compelling nature of the female star, this week's Hot or Not babe.

Lorenza Izzo

She was the face of horror for Roth with the cannibal film, THE GREEN INFERNO, released just last month, so what's the deal with Izzo appearing in so many of the infamously maligned director? Turns out the guy did something really smart and married the Chilean beauty back in 2014. When you find your muse, you either lock her down or lose her. Might be the smartest move that Roth's made in his entire career.

While she's been kicking around in the horror genre for only the past few years, 26-year old Lorenza first came to my attention when I decided to stream that Haley Joel Osment as a virginal teacher movie, SEX ED. She plays the impetuous older sister of one of Osment's students and whoooo daddy, that's when I realized just how magnetic she was. Because being a bitch character that you're designed to ultimately hate & lust simultaneously is a difficult task.

Quite simply, Lorenza Izzo is stupid hot. It might be the Latin American thing, it might be the withering stares she can pull off before launching a smile that could slay the coldest of hearts. Whatever the case, I look forward to seeing Izzo in as many projects as she signs up for. This girl deserves to stick around for awhile.

What do you think of Lorenza Izzo?

Source: IMDB


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