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Hot or Not: Linda Cardellini

04.21.2015by: Cherry Liquor

A few mean things were said about last week's Hot or Not featured babe, Renee Olstead, but for the most part you all seem to be fans of the UNFRIENDED star. Making decisions about which movie to go see in a dirth of good titles for April is hard. Choosing to watch the awesome array of NetFlix original shows this season has been easy. One of those shows, "Bloodline" is putting a formerly familiar face back in the spotlight. Let's discuss, shall we?

Linda Cardellini

The first thing that I remember Linda Cardellini from is "Freaks and Geeks," where I immediately identified with her confused high schooler, Lindsay Weir. I too went through an Army jacket, do I want to risk my parents finding out I smoke weed, goofy puppy-dog affectionate drummer boyfriend phase. Cardellini just did it a helluva lot smoother (and less acneic) than I did.

Then Linda took on the unflattering role of Velma in the SCOOBY-DOO movies. Yes, I understand that there are a number of guys who wanted to get under Velma's bright orange turtleneck sweater, but for the most part the role stifled any momentum that Cardellini might have had in the babe department. Taking on a role in the long-running NBC drama "E/R" might have padded her bank account but it certainly didn't put her back into the hottie spotlight.

While I'll throw in that I ultimately hated the thriller mystery drama that is "Bloodline" (too much of an unfavorable comparison in vibe to the bumbling villains in Scooby-Doo for me), I am so glad to see that the producers brought back the smart & sassy sexiness that Cardellini is aces at. Of course she's hot. She's always been hot to me. But it's awesome to see that she's regained the outward appearance of it as well.

What do you think of Linda Cardellini?

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